Garden Glory Hat by Fiona Schofield

Garden Glory Hat by Fiona Schofield


Handmade by Australian milliner Fiona Schofield in Orange NSW, this hat is my absolute favourite for in the garden. Fiona will make each hat to order, using your individual head measurements so that it fits you perfectly.

Lead time 2-4 weeks. Made to order. Bespoke fit. Shipping Australia-wide, including hat box, $25

Garden Glory

  • Soft, Sewn Braided Raffia Sunhat - Natural

  • Soft, slightly tapered crown with recessed tip

  • Gentle drooped brim with wired edge cuff

  • Silk Sash trim in colour of choice. The sash can be stitched in place or left loose to allow for interchanging of silk sash trims (available for purchase separately)

  • Internal Cotton Head Ribbon

  • Crown Height: Approx 4”

  • Brim Width: Approx 4.5-5”

Silk Sashes

Each silk sash is cut, sewn and hand tied. Sometimes there is length to create a bow, sometimes just enough for a knot and ends. Each tie varies depending on the silk length and the head size of the hat (larger head sizes have less length for ties than a smaller head size). You can choose to have your sash “fixed”, where Fiona will stitch it in place on the hat. Or you can keep your options open and request a “non-fixed” sash, allowing you to change sashes as you wish. These sashes are tied and tie-tacked (hidden stitches) into a fixed formation so the trim may be lifted on and off the hat and always look perfect. Sashes in different coloured silks can be purchased separately.

Silk Colours

Standard colours are French Navy, Black and Natural

Fiona has created an exclusive sash colour for readers of A Tree in the House. It’s called “Pancake” and it is a lovely warm, pinkish brown.


Fiona can attach a very subtle elastic band to the hat so that the hat will stay on your head even when it is windy. When you don’t need the elastic, it just tucks up into the dome of the hat and is invisible. These come in cream or black (depending on hair colour).

Native Sprigs

Our complimentary gift to you with your order. One per hat. Each sprig is individual and made from a selection of native flowers and foliage. Not available to order separately.


One per hat.


Flat fee of $25 per hat & hatbox within Australia. It will need to be a physical address, not a PO Box.

Sash colour:
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Fiona shows how to properly measure your head size in this video:


Close-ups of the sashes and sprigs: